Artificial intelligence is a computer tool like any other

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As I continue my series of articles on artificial intelligence, because the subject is vast and the confusion continues. The problem is that the debate is at this moment completely polluted by philosophical reflections on the singularity and the place of the human and the machines in the universe. I have a lot of respect for philosophers … but this is clearly not the time to ask all these existential questions: there are market shares to defend, campaigns to customize, conversations to automate … and the AI can give you a helping hand.

No time to sneer, must get started!

I was last week at ADETEM for their annual day dedicated to marketing trends. As you can imagine, the day was dedicated to artificial intelligence and its applications for marketing. I tried during my speech to convey a simple message: artificial intelligence is not only a nebulous concept, it is also technological bricks that can be used to make very concrete things: visual recognition or voice, analyze large amounts of data to try to identify patterns recurring, predictions … As said very well Andrew Ng, we reached the peak of discussions, we must now take action: Andrew Ng Says Enough Papers , Let’s Build AI Now! .

It is in this context that I was able to complete the popularization speech given the previous month ( The advent of increased marketing ) with a certain number of concrete examples of what can be done with solutions doped with the AI .

As stated in this slideshow, I am convinced that despite the media hype and all the promises that can be made by the experts, the AI ​​is a computing resource like any other, just like the databases or tools of BI Understand that the AI ​​is a layer that is stacked on an existing to work faster or differently, but in any case to do the job in place of marketers or advertisers . Admittedly, the potential is enormous, but it will be gradually transformed as companies integrate RNs and above all will succeed in fulfilling the many conditions necessary for their proper functioning. Just like connected objects or big data, AIs will help us improve performance and discover key lessons where a human being could not see them.

Normally the video of this intervention should be published in the coming days, I add it as soon as it is available.