How to save WhatsApp messages in Drive or your computer

Have you not saved the WhatsApp messages before they disappear?

The photos of the nephews who have sent us on WhatsApp are in danger. And those funny memes from the work group, too. As of November 12, they could disappear from your phone. The reason, a business decision made in Silicon Valley. But let’s not be alarmed. There is an easy and fast solution.


Save WhatsApp chats in Google Drive without size limit

Google and WhatsApp have signed an agreement so that the backup copies of messages, images and videos in Google Drive do not detract from the free 15 GB of each user’s account of a mobile phone with Android. Apple users will not be affected by this measure because their backups are stored in iCloud.

“WhatsApp backups that have not been updated for more than a year will be automatically removed from Google Drive,” Google warned. The technological giant advises to make a manual backup before that date to make sure that your messages are not as ephemeral as in Snapchat.

guardar WhatsApp

WhatsApp automatically makes a local copy (in the mobile memory) of the conversations every day at two in the morning. The daily copy is available for seven days in the folder sdcard / WhatsApp / Databases of the phone. But if we want to recover all our messages at any time, it is best to periodically save the messages in the cloud. Only then we will have the guarantee to recover them on your Android smartphone when we change terminals, reinstall WhatsApp or need to reset it to factory values.

Steps to back up in Google Drive

To save all our WhatsApp conversations in the cloud we have to access WhatsApp “Settings” from the menu located in the upper right corner, next to the searches.

  • We select “Chats”
  • Click on “Backup”
  • If we have already saved in Google Drive before, click on “Save”
  • If we have not linked our Google account to WhatsApp, we will “Add Account”
  • Once our Google Drive account appears, to schedule a periodic copy, we click on “Save in Google Drive” and select daily, weekly or monthly periodicity
  • If we prefer to make the copies manually, we choose “Only when I touch Save”

If we can not make a backup in Google Drive, we will check that our Google account is associated with your phone. We will also need to have installed the Google Play Services application, available for Android 2.3.4 and later operating systems.