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Smartphones have largely stolen their popularity on TVs, PCs, landline phones and other digital or analog devices. These modern mobile devices are more powerful than ever, to the point of becoming a great asset to your child, your partner and your employee. They are a means of communication that allows your child to connect to friends and loved ones, watch videos, listen to music, access the Internet … Unfortunately, the possession of a smartphone by a child multiply the risks of cybercrime, pornography viewing and many more dangers. Without a minimum of supervision, you rely on your child to decide for themselves what is right, reliable and secure. Being a parent implies the obligation to closely monitor the telephone activity of your child. That’s why cell phone surveillance software is a must in the digital era.

How to choose your mobile monitoring software?

Before choosing your mobile espionage application , find below the basic features and functionalities that it will have to offer:

  1. Compatibility. Is your monitoring software compatible with the target phone system? Despite the proliferation of operating systems for smartphones, the two main players in the market are Android and iOS, which are followed by BlackBerry OS, Symbian and Tizen.
  2. The localisation. The GPS tracking system allows you to track the location of the targeted phone in real time. Of course, this should be the crucial feature of your software because you will need to know the position of your child or employees from time to time.
  3. Call tracking and SMS. Like GPS tracking, this is the most basic functionality that spy applications will have to provide. Some giants in the digital industry, such as mSpy, can even intercept calls and secretly listen to surrounding noises.
  4. Stealth and running in the background. When it comes to spying and mobile surveillance, any application worthy of the name must be able to work in stealth mode. You must be able to install the application on the phone without increasing the risk of being detected by your target.
  5. Value for money. In general, a cheap application will provide you with basic features, while a high-end software will offer you all the advanced features of espionage.
  6. The publisher or developer of the application. There are a myriad of mobile apps for both child-minded parents and employers who want to protect their company’s confidential data. That is why it is essential to pay attention to details and to play the competition. The product itself may be of good quality, but if the technical support is not up to your needs, you will probably never be able to get the most out of the software. A reliable company should provide live chat support, a phone number, and an e-mail address. In addition to the details on the software, the publisher’s website must offer tutorials, FAQs, practical guides

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Monitor your loved ones with the mSpy monitoring software

In the jungle of cell phone spyware, mSpy stands out with its various strengths, including multiplatform compatibility: Android, iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. Offering above all advanced features for the security of your child, it allows you to monitor access to the Internet, calls and SMS and many content downloaded from or sent to social networks. Available in basic package as per subscription, mSpy allows you does not require a jailbreak (for iOS devices) nor a root (for Android devices). Thus, without jailbreak, you only need to use the Apple ID and the password your child uses to access his Apple account.

  1. GPS tracking. mSpy can be configured to track the GPS position of the target smartphone.
  2. Consultation of the call log. mSpy allows you to view all incoming and outgoing calls, with their duration and date of issue. You can even block certain calls by specifying a blacklist.
  3. Control and monitoring of social networks. With mSpy, you can now monitor all content exchanged by your target, be it on WhatsApp, Snapchat or Skype.
  4. Transfer of multimedia content. Push back the limits of your application by consulting directly on your online dashboard, all photos and videos taken, stored or simply viewed on the target device.
  5. SMS and MMS monitoring. mSpy is also able to transfer all messages exchanged by your child or employee, which will be instantly available on your dashboard online.

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