52-year-old man’s head severed, body thrown into tiff field for loan repayment

New Delhi: A 52-year-old man was reportedly kidnapped in Delhi and killed in a farm field in Baghpat, Uttar Pradesh, where his decapitated and decomposed body was found by local police on July 16, four days after the crime, police say Sunday.

The accused, Riyasat, allegedly killed Shahzad with the help of his nephew and a friend, after the victim failed to repay a loan from 25,000. Riyasat and his partner, Javed, were arrested; her nephew, Nadeem, is still at large, police said.

Riyasat told the police that he had loaned 25,000 to Shahzad three or four times with interest, and the victim was required to return a certain amount per day over a specified period, return the loan and pay the interest. Shahzad borrowed the last 4,500, and was to return 100 per day for two months under the loan agreement. This meant that in addition to the principal amount ( 4,500), Shahjad had to pay 1,500 as an interest, said Deputy Police Commissioner (Shahdara) R Sathiyasundaram.

“Shahzad stopped paying the daily amount after 12 days. When Riyasat asked for his money, Shahzad got into a fight with him. To avenge his insult, Riyasat kidnapped Shahzad with the help of Nadeem and Javed, and took him to Baghpat in UP, ”the DCP said.

Police said that on July 13, a missing person report was recorded for Shahzad and filed at Seemapuri police station by members of his family. His family told police that Shahzad left his home on July 12, but did not return, and his cell phone could not be reached either. He worked as a house painter.

When police and Shahzad’s family were looking for him, a decapitated and decomposed body was found in a field in Baghpat on July 16. The Seemapuri police learned of this and took Shahzad’s family members to Baghpat, where they identified the body by its clothing. and identifying marks on the body. The head was missing, the DCP said.

“We have registered a case of kidnapping, murder and destruction of evidence under Articles 365, 302 and 201 of the Indian Penal Code at the Seemapuri police station and an investigation has been opened,” DCP Sathiyasundaram said.

During the preliminary investigation, the police team investigated the role of Shahzad’s daughter-in-law and members of his family, after learning that she had filed a rape complaint against him and his brother. ‘last year. However, no evidence has been found against them.

Then the police learned that Shahzad was borrowing money from Riyasat, who lived in the same neighborhood. It has also been established that Shahzad was last seen with Riyasat. When Riyasat was questioned, he confessed to the murder and revealed the roles of Nadeem and Javed.

“We arrested Riyasat and Javed on Saturday evening. Riyasat revealed that he lured Shahjad to Baghpat in his Esteem car in the name of providing him with a contract to paint a house and also eat mangoes on a farm. Javed and Nadeem joined them on the way. They offered Shahzad alcohol, and when he was drunk, Riyasat and Nadeem took him to the field and killed him with a meat cleaver. They cut off Shahzad’s head and threw it in a canal near Muradnagar on their way back to Delhi, ”DCP Sathiyasundaram said.

Police said they were trying to find the missing body part and arrest Nadeem.

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