Borrowed money

Prosecution says Sheriff Mike Blakely is driven by financial desperation, defense says he’s no shortage of money

ATHENS, Alabama – Friday morning’s opening statements by the prosecution and defense offered two entirely different images of Limestone County Sheriff Mike Blakely. Prosecutors described a desperate campaign by Blakely by moving campaign donations to her personal bank account to avoid overdrafts and taking $ 29,000 from detainees’ accounts for …

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Elizabeth Warren wants to investigate Warren Buffett and the tax practices of other billionaires – and probe the banks and wealth managers behind them

Warren Buffett. CNBC Senator Elizabeth Warren criticized Warren Buffett’s tax practices in an open letter. The senator wants an investigation into how banks and wealth managers allow tax evasion. ProPublica recently reported how Buffett and other billionaires are minimizing their tax bills. See more stories on the Insider business page. …

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What Tulips and Bitcoin have in common

Tulipmania took over the Netherlands in the 1600s and is widely regarded as the first financial asset bubble. A bubble is a significant increase in the price of an asset that is not reflected in its value. The price increases because people think they can sell the asset for a …

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