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If you want to apply for loans without importing Asnef , you can do so by comparing the different quick credits with Asnef that you can find here.

There are people who think that it is not possible to request a quick loan with Asnef, that nobody would be interested, lend their money to a defaulter, but they are wrong, there are many companies and private lenders, who take advantage of this opportunity.

What are the requirements for loans without regard to Asnef?

The requirements for ordering small quantities are usually very few. For example, in some online credits , you will be asked to be over 21 and not be a scammer.

If you want to request money in larger amounts, you will be asked for more requirements, such as the endorsement of a car, having a payroll or the endorsement of a home.

What are the advantages of financing with Asnef?

Leaving Asnef, can be complicated or more expensive, so requesting a financial product that accepts a customer with Asnef, means that the person who requests it, can save the money he would need to get out of the list of defaulters.

How to avoid scams with online credits?

The loans, regardless of Asnef, are taking a bad name because of unscrupulous scammers who cheat their customers and users who have not repaid the loans and are now being seized.

Do it online or go to a financial company?

Each form has its advantages and disadvantages, the online form has the advantage that to be able to ask for it, it is not necessary to go out on the street. Another advantage of applying online, is that the money is held expressly .

Finance a business being delinquent .

Quick credits can be used for what the client wants, there are many freelancers and entrepreneurs, who for different reasons, are listed in ASNEF or in the RAI list. By not having to explain, you can do it to obtain liquidity and invest it in a business.

I think I can not return it. What do I do?

Financing for defaulters tends to have higher interests, especially if they are solutions to be returned within a month. In the event that a user does not return the money, he will owe much more than he has requested. So if you think that you will not be able to return it , it is best not to ask for it and look for alternatives .

What financial product do you recommend?

If it is a situation in which there is no great urgency or you do not need money expressly . The most advisable thing would be to make all the necessary arrangements to leave the Asnef list. Once you have left the Asnef list, you can request financing with better conditions and higher amounts.

Here we conclude, this article. Remember that using the menu of this website or visiting the main page, you can compare several solutions to request financing from home.

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